Post Concussion Syndrome and Pregnancy

When we made the decision to have children, I had no idea what to expect.  We decided to start trying earlier than we initially planned, because we were nervous about any complications I might have because of my injury, or if we would have difficulty getting pregnant.  I had pregnancy induced hypertension with all three of my pregnancies, but otherwise, felt pretty fantastic during each of them.  My headaches were tolerable and less frequent, I had more energy (most of the time!) and I generally felt “good.”

This has caused me to explore why I feel this way when I am pregnant and why my symptoms come back (with avengance) a few months post partum.  During my most recent pregnancy, this is how I knew I was pregnant.  Our son was newly diagnosed with epilepsy and we had just spent the past few days in the hospital. I had pretty much stopped sleeping at that point because his seizures were happening in his sleep and I was petrified that they would happen and we would miss it, so I was surviving on a bunch of broken hours of sleep. One afternoon a few days after he was discharged, he was playing on our front porch while a friend dropped off dinner for us. He lost his balance (a side effect of adjusting to the new seizure medication) and slammed his mouth on the concrete, destroying his front teeth. I ran him to the dentist and on the way home realized how well I had been feeling the past few days, and in the current moment. I was nauseous from seeing all of the blood, but somehow managed to escape getting a headache and didn’t have a migraine. I hadn’t slept well in weeks, and was extremely stressed, that’s when I knew I was pregnant, I had NEVER felt like this unless I was pregnant. The next morning I took a test and nine months later, our littlest was born. Sadly, I think my body can’t withstand another pregnancy and our family feels complete after our newest addition, so I won’t be able to enjoy this benefit ever again.

After our son was born (my second pregnancy) I did explore some treatments with various pills to try and stabilize my hormones because I know there is a hormone component to my migraines. I had never suffered from headaches before my accident, but afterwards I was able to recognize a pattern that seemed cyclical. The pills never helped (I actually think they made them worse, causing what would have been tolerable headaches to become intolerable migraines) so I am now on a journey to discuss these findings with an endocrinologist- this seems like the best place to start with finding a solution.

So friends, leave me your wise words, have you noticed your symptoms retreat when pregnant or do I sound like the village crazy lady? What have you done to treat them and who is helping you?? Thanks in advance for sharing your success, knowledge is power and I want to go armed to an appointment with personal experiences and relevant data!


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  • I just want to say thank you for sharing, 2 yr ago was my accident and before tbi my hubby and I planned when our youngest turned 2 we’d try to complete our family w/ 1 more. Well now that time has come and gone and I know I’m no where near ready for a baby. I’m so fearful of having one someday and my symptoms getting worse so I couldn’t handle a new baby. Thanks for giving me hope that a baby is still down the road for us❤️ God bless you and your family!

    • Hi Casey! Hang in there, knowing your body and the “right” time for another baby is a huge milestone. Hang in there and take care of you first, and give yourself some time! Worry about the now! Be well. Xo

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