TBI Family

I started my blog with one thing in mind, to put my TBI tips and tricks out there to hopefully help someone newly diagnosed and to reach other parents that have suffered a TBI and are raising a family.  I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of so many wonderful emails, and people telling me that I inspire them. The emails and comments I receive motivate me to continue sharing my story, and prompt me to come up with new ideas and topics about being a parent after TBI and with PCS.

This week in particular, I am feeling exhausted with life in general and feel like I’m not worthy of hosting a blog.  Balancing my kids schedule, my energy, and trying to find the time to blog is HARD and I wish there were more hours in the day.  I opened my Instagram account one morning and I came across a message from TBI One Love. I don’t know how I missed the message a few weeks ago, but he messaged me again this week and we began trading stories and experiences.  It was the first time I came across his website, and after reading a few stories, I was inspired and amazed at the many incredible things people have accomplished after their TBIs. The Founder, James Durham, was in a car accident in September of 2011, and he is an incredible inspiration for all he accomplished after his TBI. His TBI life began as he overcame a coma, fractures, broken bones and other physical injuries.  11 months after his accident he enrolled in school and he spent the years after his accident recovering, founding his nonprofit website TBI One Love and eventually graduating from Florida State University in 2015.

His story inspires me because he recovered. He went on to start and finish school all AFTER acquiring his TBI. He founded and runs an amazing website that is a wonderful resource for TBI survivors.  He has gone on to have a rewarding, fulfilling a life, despite having a TBI. He found a new purpose, set new goals and has accomplished GREAT things.

He asked me if my story could be shared on his website, and it is, here.  I certainly don’t feel worthy of such recognition, but when I think about my purpose and my goals, it’s to make life easier for someone in my shoes nine years ago. I hope my story reaches those that need to hear it.

So thank you TBI One Love, for sharing your story, for raising awareness for our cause and for sharing mine. To any new readers, come find me on Instagram as Big Mama McGuire. Our TBI family is a big one, and you’re not alone in this journey. Be well my fellow warriors!

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