Month: October 2017

TBI Tips and Tricks: Amazon’s Alexa 

Alexa and I have been working together for close to 18 months now. I was an early user and began utilizing her daily and she has made my life SO much easier.  I knew I would love her before I got her, but I never imagined […]

The truth about sleep after having a baby

This is a fantastic read about infant/toddler sleep. We have three children and with our oldest, I was CONVINCED something was wrong because she would wake 2-3 times for the first year (more obviously in the earlier months) and still wakes at 5 years old. […]

Raising kids after a head injury: My broken brain makes me a better Mom

I spend a lot of time worrying about the life I have created for our children because of my head injury.  Despite my shortcomings, we made a choice to have our children after my accident, and the older they get and more aware they become […]

Mom tips: Kidpik, A Stitchfix for Girls

I am all about tips and tricks to make my life easier as a Mom. I love convenience (think crockpot) and I LOVE having things delivered to my doorstep. If I could avoid bringing three children to the store, I will.  A friend of mine […]

Food Allergy Awareness: I am a Mean girl

I don’t like being a mean girl.  I was mean to a fellow mom this week. I thought about my behavior after the fact and I actually don’t think I would’ve changed my response despite the fact I am now cringing when I call myself […]

TBI Tips and Tricks: Surviving Grocery Shopping after a Head Injury

Food is vital to our survival, yet, after my head injury, I would forget to eat. You’d think my grumbling stomach and the fact that I was hungry would make me realize I needed to eat something, but in the early days, even that required […]

Mom life: Mommy and Me Fashion Show

This past weekend my daughter and I participated in a “Mommy and Me” fashion show  at a local department store. I found out about it through Instagram and after explaining what a casting call was, I asked her if she wanted to give it a […]

Mom life: #threeisperfectforme

As soon as strangers found out that my growing belly was our third child, they shared their thoughts.  “Was it planned?” “You have your hands full!” “You’re obviously done having children right?” I laugh when I think about the things people were compelled to talk […]