Mom tips: Kidpik, A Stitchfix for Girls

I am all about tips and tricks to make my life easier as a Mom. I love convenience (think crockpot) and I LOVE having things delivered to my doorstep. If I could avoid bringing three children to the store, I will.  A friend of mine posted about Kidpik last week and compared it to Stitch Fix and I was intrigued. I clicked her referral link and learned more about it.  Kidpik is a subscription based clothing box delivered to your doorstep for young girls, sizes 4-14.  Her post happened to be the same day my daughter conveniently seemed to have outgrown everything overnight, so I quickly filled out the questionnaire and in under two minutes, we were subscribers to our first Kidpik box.  I liked that I was given the option to decide how many boxes I wanted a year (I chose four, one each season) and if I wanted to amend that, could easily do so.  You only pay for what you keep (awesome!) but they do offer a 30% discount if you keep the entire box.

A few days later I got an email that our first box shipped and I realized how much I LOVE surprises.  I couldn’t wait for the box to arrive and eagerly waited for the delivery. It took a few days, but our UPS guy finally dropped off the box!


The box arrived today and IT IS PERFECT. My daughter is going to FREAK when she opens this in the morning. I opened the box at 10 pm to make sure I liked everything,  a tip I learned from my friend. She said her daughter always wants to keep everything and sometimes she doesn’t want/need an item and feels stuck with it because her daughter saw it.  Problem solved by me picking through the box prior to her opening it. The only thing I did not like in the box is a pair of velvet black pants. They appear stiff and a bit big for her, so I don’t think she’s going to like them. I’ll do another post after she opens it tomorrow, but all of the other contents in the box were amazing and perfect for her. Thanks Kidpik, I know we are going to keep it all (at these prices and 30% off how could we not?!) and I LOVE the spunky style. These are definitely  things I wouldn’t have found in store for her (nor do I have the time like I used to have to shop for her, so thank you for the convenient doorstep delivery!) #kidpikforthewin

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