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I hate clutter.  I hate when I walk into a room and become easily overwhelmed and distracted because there is too much going on.  I can’t think straight and have difficulty paying attention.  It wasn’t always this way, I can thank my head injury for that, but knowing how much this effects me,  I try and limit my clutter so I can function better.

Last year was the first year we had TWO children in preschool at the same time and OH MY did they come home with PROJECTS…EVERY DAMN DAY it seemed like for my oldest, who went five days week.  Our kitchen table would have mountains of projects before I had a chance to hang them up. Eventually, I would get them taped to our kitchen door and we’d admire them for the holiday and then once the season passed, I peeled them off the door and would hang up the new decor.  The paintings and artwork piles started to suffocate me and I stopped appreciating my precious darlings hardwork and started dreading the projects they’d bring home.  “There must be a better way to save all of this,” I thought to myself and started googling solutions.  I envisioned a big file box in my basement, I found ArtKive.

Since my head injury, I take a lot of pictures with my phone to remember things and that’s exactly what I started doing with my children’s artwork.  I’d take a picture of it before I hung  it on the kitchen door and started filing all of the pictures in my ArtKive app, under the child that created the artwork.  Initially, the app was free, but I had to start paying a membership fee this year (I think it’s approximately $3/month).  I snap a picture, upload it to ArtKive and tag the image with the child’s name and grade.  Super simple and super convenient.  My guilt over not saving every piece of artwork is gone, and I just recently created memory books for my two oldest children of all of their artwork from last year (although now that I’m writing this am afraid my oldest daughter is going to want to see the physical artwork she has created if I gift her this book, so I may hold off on giving it to her, for now.).  The books were approximately $25-$35 apiece (my daughters had a few more pages than my son because she went to school every day) which I thought was reasonable for their services.  Creating the book was easy and quick and I can’t wait for them to arrive!  Thanks ArtKive!

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