Happy New Year!


Life with three kids haven’t given us much of a chance to slow down.  The laundry never ends, the coffee is always cold and the kitchen always needs to be cleaned.  Our friends invited us over to their house to ring in the New Year with them and another family, but we are opting to stay home with our crew, do some fondue and play board games.  I know I am secretly hoping that I can actually get the baby to sleep for 2-3 hours before she’s up insisting I hold her so I can spend a few hours with my husband.

Before kids, New Years Eve used to be a big night out for us.  We spent one NYE at a wedding, another one in the city (at a bar, near Times Square, not in the midst of the chaos) and for several years we spent the weekend away- Avalon, Sea Isle, and even did Disney once (this was shortly after my accident.  I was on A LOT of pain killers and don’t remember much of it, but from the pictures that I have seen it was a blast, and we closed down Epcot.  Literally.  We were hanging out with the staff in a local bar until 2 am and had to be ushered out of the park.)  I don’t know that I’d return to that chaos after my accident or after my kids, but I definitely enjoyed that season of my life when I was in it.

What are your New Year traditions?  Do you have any plans?  Happiest of New Years from our family to yours!

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