5 Tips for Successfully Hosting a Children’s WINTER Birthday Party after a Head Injury

I am in the process of planning the baby’s first birthday party, which is in March.  Our older two children were born in January and February, and in NJ, this means the party needs to be inside. It’s too cold to have a party outside in any of these months and the baby’s birthday is similar.  Despite being the first day of Spring, March weather is still fairly chilly so I knew if I wanted to have a party to celebrate this milestone I needed to find a venue to have the event outside of our home.  There was NO SHOT I was hosting it at our house.   Below are my tips (*cough* HACKS) for hosting yet  ANOTHER children’s birthday party in the frigid months.



Our first child’s birthday party was a HUGE event.  Everyone we knew had just started having children and we had a guest list of over 100 people. This list grew with our second child, because, like us, everyone was growing their families and had more children.  The list grew to 140 people.  This is now our third child.  Everyone has more children and our house can’t hold all of them.  There was no way I was inviting all of these people to our home.  It’s too much work. I started calling places in November to try and get an idea of what we could afford.  As soon as I found a venue, I booked it.



if your budget allows, try and find a venue that includes food, drink, tableware, EVERYTHING.  The place we are hosting the party at is a nicer banquet hall.  We held similar parties for our other two children that were at local VFW’s.  It worked, but it was also a lot of work because we were required to bring everything in (food, drinks, decor, tableware- EVERYTHING) and I knew that to avoid all of that extra work, I wanted everything to be included.  For us, it was worth the extra money to not have to coordinate transporting everything to the party site.



I have serious Mom guilt about this one, but unfortunately, we can’t invite everyone.  Like I mentioned above, everyone I know has multiple children and our family and friends are all families of three, four, five or more!  When planning this party, I looked at “the list” and decided we just couldn’t host a party that invited 100 adults and 55 children.  That was insane.  So we scaled back, limiting the party to family and a handful of friends.  Limiting our guest list helps us stay within our budget and means less gifts.


I DEFINITELY recommend budgeting for entertainment, if your venue doesn’t already include something.  We have attended a number of children’s birthday parties that have been hosted at houses (those lucky Summer months!).  When the kids are outside, or inside, entertainment isn’t necessary because they have toys to play with and can run around.  In the Winter, running around inside is generally not appropriate unless the venue is made for that.

With the number of children we have hosted, we have always planned on entertainment for them, for two reasons (1) it gives them something to do and (2) it gives the parents 45 minutes to get a break and actually talk to other adults.  In the past, we had Miss Kathy with Music To My Ears  and Uncle John’s Puppet Shows , which were both excellent.  I thought finding a third type of entertainment was going to be a challenge, but I asked the party coordinator at our venue if she knew of anything.  She shared with me some business cards that she had of entertainers others have used and we found, Joe Fischer Magic.  I’ll post a review on his performance in April.



Hosting a party is hard work and it takes a lot of mental energy to function for an entire event.  I enjoy hosting brunches because it’s my favorite meal and time of day when I feel my best.  Children are typically in better moods in the morning (my own included) and as long as you don’t run into nap time, the party will be a happy event.  I have also learned to set an end time for our events, to ensure I am not expected to host for an extended period of time.  When hosting a bunch of children, it is even more important to set an end time because children running around use up even more mental energy.  It becomes increasingly difficult to host once mental fatigue sets in.



With three kids born in January, February and March,  we will be celebrating lots of Winter birthdays over the coming years. Luckily, our son (January) wanted to go to Medieval Times instead of a party this year (one less party to plan!). Our oldest wanted a pool party that we are calling a “Freeze with us in February” party and I stuck to a number of these tips when planning her celebration too.

What have you done to celebrate Winter birthdays?  We can use all of the tips we can get!  Comment with themes, ideas and any tricks you have!

Do you hate goodie bags as much as I do?  I have some ideas for party favors here.









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