Five Things I’ve Learned in Six Months of Blogging

This week commemorated six months of blogging.  When I started my goal was to do it for one year.  I had zero expectations, but I knew I wanted to begin sharing my story and our journey and connect with the virtual world. Due to my traumatic brain injury, I had to abandon my professional life (explained in one of my first posts, here!) and I was seeking an experience to fill that void.  In the past six months, I’ve migrated to a new site (My Babies & Brain) and at this point, I don’t foresee myself abandoning the blog at the one year mark.  This experience has been a learning curve, both good and bad, but six months in, I’m glad I started. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Below are the five things I’ve learned over the past six months. Five Things I've Learned in Six Months of Blogging

 Blogging is Rewarding

I have a lot to say.  I’m outspoken and I sometimes blurt my opinion out quicker than my mind can process it (Thanks #TBI).  Blogging has given me a way to share my thoughts, in an organized manner.  I am connecting with readers and followers at an entirely different level than I ever had before and it makes me very happy.  I feel like I am making a difference in the lives of individuals that have suffered head injuries and I am hopeful that my mistakes (& lessons) can help them with their recoveries.  After my first month, I received an email from a follower thanking me for sharing my stories and telling me how relatable I am and how happy they were to find me.  It brought tears to my eyes.  My hell gave someone else hope.  I was hooked.

Some of my favorite posts that I have received the most feedback on are:

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Most days life continues to feel impossible

On a daily basis, I am in charge of three independent, strong willed, motivated children.  Keeping them safe is my number one priority and most days, this means they require 100% of my attention from the moment they wake up until bedtime.  I am unable to squeeze in a few minutes here or there to blog because everyone is generally awake and getting into something and I need to be present.

This is hard for me right now because I have SO. MUCH. TO. SAY.  and not enough TIME in the day to do it all.  I recently joined Twitter and everything I read makes me want to write.  Finding the TIME is challenging and I feel like I am pulled in so many different directions.

I know these are the days. I have three kids under five. I know I will miss them this little and I am going to enjoy it.   As the children get older I know they will require less and less demand from me and they won’t want me hovering over their every move.  So, for the time being, I am going to focus on being the best Mom I can.  Once I am not tending to them every minute of every day, I will have more time to focus on my blog.

In the meantime, I am going to keep blogging at bedtime and when I get a chance to breath.  I will keep jotting down the ideas and will write about them.  I won’t stress myself out about not writing enough content.  My blogs not going anywhere, but some day, my kids will.

Twitter My Babies and BrainsI should’ve joined Twitter years ago

I joined Twitter in December 2017 and I can’t believe I have been missing out this whole time.  I’ve always said I get my news from social media (generally Facebook and Instagram) and Twitter is THAT MUCH BETTER.  I am not following anyone I know personally and am getting my news and information from people I am intentionally choosing to follow.  I have relied on Facebook for my news for years, but realize how biased it is because I am getting the same opinions from the same network of people on a daily basis.

I also love that on Twitter I am able to log on and catch up on all of my various interests. Cryptocurrency, traumatic brain injuries, parenting, the stock market- this eclectic mix is all right there.  It’s a great source for news and information and a great platform to connect with other bloggers.


I spent most of December migrating my old blog over to Bluehost so I could have more control over my website and work on a new design.  I wish I had started on this when I first began blogging.  It took me an enormous amount of work to migrate the posts over (the customer service at Bluehost was mediocre at best) and my old site is still attracting traffic and I can’t help but think that this then messes with my SEO for this site.   It’s been fairly simple to use AND gives me complete control which I like.

Revisiting my Recovery Depression after Traumatic Brain Injury

The hardest thing about blogging about my head injury is reliving my darkest days.  My posts are a mix of the days immediately following my accident and the life I am currently living.  I began to journal right after my accident so I could help identify my triggers and remember the things that made me feel good.  It’s been a great resource for me now in terms of sharing my experience and coping techniques but when I reread my experience, I am reminded about how awful and truly traumatic it was.  The depression, anxiety, pain, and sadness swallowed me whole as I began navigating my post-TBI life.  I was devastated with my loss of self and the unknown that was ahead.  Sharing my story is humbling and continues to be a coping technique for me.  It’s also rewarding to see how far I’ve come in nine years.  Back then, I was so distraught and focused on the things I couldn’t do.  Now, I focus on the things I can…and the three kids I never would have had at this point if it wasn’t for my head injury.  I assure you, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s certainly been worth it.  


So thank you, fellow readers, TBI warriors, friends and fellow parents.  I am so very grateful for you being part of our village.



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  • I totally understand feeling overwhelmed trying to recover, raising 3 kids and writing. The only difference for me is that my kids are a bit older but still feel overwhelmed. I am impressed you have written so much and so well. I tried moving my site over to bluehost and gave up. It was so frustrating. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thank you! I am going to check your site out now! I’ve spent a lot of time nursing my littlest the past few months which is why I ended been able to write- now that she’s on the move it’s even more challenging! How old are your kids and how far into your recovery are you?? Thanks for reading & relating!

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