About Me

Hi! I’m Shannon, a head injured Mom, born and raised in New Jersey.  I’m a former auditor and CPA and miss my career daily, but I’m too busy figuring out how to survive life beyond my head injury to dwell on it. Years of therapy have me appreciating my new purpose and I love being a resource for anyone who has experienced similar life changing circumstances.

I have/had a head injury.

I sustained a concussion in 2008, ten days after I was engaged.  I had NO IDEA the long term repercussions I’d experience, including a permanent leave of absence from my job as a CPA.  I was in therapy for YEARS and mastered coping techniques for living a life beyond my head injury.  My husband and I started our family in 2012.

I have three kids.

I’m a minivan Mom of three that relishes in the growth and abilities my kids possess. Their love of numbers makes me proud and it amazes me every day how I can see myself in each of them. Being a Mom is one of my proudest accomplishments to date, particularly after having our brood after my injury. They have dragged me out of some of the darkest days of my life.

When I’m not listening to Moana (2016) for the 1,000th time (impressed that my five year old knows the words to the entire album, when I can’t remember one song) I am meal planning, crockpot cooking, and setting reminders about my life on my Apple iPhone and Applewatch . I spend lots of times nursing my littlest so I am always following new blogs, buying new products (thank you, Amazon!).  Black out purchases are kind of my thing (thanks TBI) and the boxes on our doorstep keep us guessing what’s inside when they arrive.

I LOVE to workout.

I love to run, do yoga and spin. When I get a minute to myself I like to meditate or lock myself in the bathroom and eat M&Ms. I survive on coffee, lots of lists, reminders and somehow, on very little sleep.

Our son was diagnosed with epilepsy in July of 2016 and a few days later I found out I was pregnant with our third.  Life hasn’t slowed down, so we have kept up with it via the Internet and have relied heavily on research and a virtual network to help us cope with the obstacles that have come our way.

So laugh with me, cry with me and leave me some wise words. Life takes a village, thanks for being part of mine.

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