Epilepsy Mom

I hate goodie bags. What’s a good party favor?

I hate goodie bags.  Our kids come home from parties with little bags of treasures and these items end up smashed into our carpet somewhere, in my car, and all over the house. Candy, small toys, pencils, erasers.  People spend so much money on these […]

Christmas Magic

The magic of the Christmas season is contagious in our house. Since we started having children, each year has gotten better and better, with our children becoming more aware of the meaning of the Holiday and each tradition becoming more memorable and important to the […]

Mom life: I’m an Epilepsy Mom

One of the hardest things I ever have to do as a mother is being a patient parent to my son.  The minute he was born, I knew he was different.  He was born fast and furious and did not slow down.  As a baby, […]

Epilepsy Mom: Preschool Disabled

Epilepsy Mom: Preschool Disabled

I felt the lump in my throat form as his caseworker explained, “so he has met the criteria for preschool disabled and that’s what it says on his IEP” (Individualized Education Program). This is exactly what we wanted and what we were hoping for, yet […]