How to Survive The Holiday Season…in 2018

We have spent the past few days celebrating the Season, traveling and visiting family.  I typically start Christmas shopping over the Summer and then when Black Friday rolls around, buy a few more things, forgetting everything else I bought, which results in an overwhelmingly amount […]

Christmas Magic

The magic of the Christmas season is contagious in our house. Since we started having children, each year has gotten better and better, with our children becoming more aware of the meaning of the Holiday and each tradition becoming more memorable and important to the […]

Under Construction!

I’ve been working on migrating my blog to a new host, so I apologize that I haven’t had any new posts. It was supposed to be up and running today, but it looks like that didn’t happen so I will ask some more questions tomorrow […]

Mom life: I’m an Epilepsy Mom

One of the hardest things I ever have to do as a mother is being a patient parent to my son.  The minute he was born, I knew he was different.  He was born fast and furious and did not slow down.  As a baby, […]

Hosting the Holidays after a Head Injury..Survival Tips

If you told me nine years ago that I’d be hosting Holidays fairly seamlessly, I would have laughed and wondered how I could possibly host Holidays when I don’t even cook dinner.  I was a workaholic and caught up in my career (not a bad […]


My favorite thing about blogging is the people I am meeting along this journey.  Living life beyond a head injury hasn’t been easy, but the people I have met along the way have been my silver lining to my accident. I am leaning on them […]

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I just joined another site because I get all of my news from the Internet and can never find enough Bloggers.  Come find me on Bloglovin 

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Concussion Recovery

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Concussion Recovery

Gift ideas for individuals recovering from a concussion

Mindfulness for Children

I shared a post recently about the impact mindfulness has had on my life (here). Not only do I benefit from this practice, but my children do as well.  I began practicing mindfulness with them at a very young age.  Our oldest daughter has always […]

Mom life: Grateful for our village

It takes a village to raise children.  Before I had kids, I had heard this phrase over and over again and as our children get older, our village continues to expand to those near and far. A few weeks ago, it included a little boy […]