Tag: Making Memories

Christmas Magic

The magic of the Christmas season is contagious in our house. Since we started having children, each year has gotten better and better, with our children becoming more aware of the meaning of the Holiday and each tradition becoming more memorable and important to the […]

Mom life: Grateful for our village

It takes a village to raise children.  Before I had kids, I had heard this phrase over and over again and as our children get older, our village continues to expand to those near and far. A few weeks ago, it included a little boy […]

Archive with ArtKive

I hate clutter.  I hate when I walk into a room and become easily overwhelmed and distracted because there is too much going on.  I can’t think straight and have difficulty paying attention.  It wasn’t always this way, I can thank my head injury for […]

Mom life: Mommy and Me Fashion Show

This past weekend my daughter and I participated in a “Mommy and Me” fashion show  at a local department store. I found out about it through Instagram and after explaining what a casting call was, I asked her if she wanted to give it a […]