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Let’s get HAPPY

I have been giving my 2018 resolution of choosing happiness a lot of thought.  Happiness means something different to everyone and when I wrote about “being happy” in my last post, I received some questions and comments about how difficult it is to be happy […]

Mindfulness for Children

I shared a post recently about the impact mindfulness has had on my life (here). Not only do I benefit from this practice, but my children do as well.  I began practicing mindfulness with them at a very young age.  Our oldest daughter has always […]

Mom life: Grateful for our village

It takes a village to raise children.  Before I had kids, I had heard this phrase over and over again and as our children get older, our village continues to expand to those near and far. A few weeks ago, it included a little boy […]

Archive with ArtKive

I hate clutter.  I hate when I walk into a room and become easily overwhelmed and distracted because there is too much going on.  I can’t think straight and have difficulty paying attention.  It wasn’t always this way, I can thank my head injury for […]

Raising kids after a head injury: My broken brain makes me a better Mom

I spend a lot of time worrying about the life I have created for our children because of my head injury.  Despite my shortcomings, we made a choice to have our children after my accident, and the older they get and more aware they become […]

Mom tips: Kidpik, A Stitchfix for Girls

I am all about tips and tricks to make my life easier as a Mom. I love convenience (think crockpot) and I LOVE having things delivered to my doorstep. If I could avoid bringing three children to the store, I will.  A friend of mine […]

Food Allergy Awareness: I am a Mean girl

I don’t like being a mean girl.  I was mean to a fellow mom this week. I thought about my behavior after the fact and I actually don’t think I would’ve changed my response despite the fact I am now cringing when I call myself […]

Mom life: #threeisperfectforme

As soon as strangers found out that my growing belly was our third child, they shared their thoughts.  “Was it planned?” “You have your hands full!” “You’re obviously done having children right?” I laugh when I think about the things people were compelled to talk […]

Mom life: The days are long but the years are short

Mom life: The days are long but the years are short

The days are long but the years are short

Mom life: Why breastfeeding works for me 

Mom life: Why breastfeeding works for me 

Feed your baby. Fed is best.